So excited to announce....

We are now offering LED Therapy Treatments

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What are LED treatments?

LED Photo-Therapy is a non invasive, Medically CE certified treatment that is clinically proven to significantly improve a range of different skin conditions using different wavelengths of light! 

LED can be used as a stand alone treatment or paired with any of my services for the perfect touch to complete your appointment and to further boost your results. 

How does it work?

LED Photo Therapy utilises the three most medically CE certified and clinically proven wavelengths. These wavelengths are:


  • Blue (415nm)   
  • Red (633nm)   
  • Near Infrared (830nm)   


These wavelengths all reach down to different layers in the skin (much deeper than any skincare product can access), to target a range of different concerns     

Each wavelength has its own effect on the skin at a cellular level:

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– Creates an oxygenated environment in the skin, killing the p.acnes bacterium

– Heals eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

– Regulates oil production

– Prevents breakouts

– Provides an antibacterial effect with no irritation


– Boosts collagen and elastin production

– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

– Improves complexion and tone

– Shrinks enlarged pores

– Restores radiance 

INFRared light therapy

– Reduces pigmentation

– Scar reduction and prevention

– Relieves pain and inflammation

– Treats rosacea

Kind words from our guests

“Renee is beautiful, caring and takes her time to make sure you get the treatment you deserve. She transformed my backyard into a wellness sanctuary.”


“Our massage therapists were amazing and listened to exactly what we wanted. Massages were extremely relaxing. We were very lucky to be able to get in-house massages at our beautiful accommodation in Jerrara.”


“I had such a great spa treatment with Soul Revival Spa, very professional and one of the best massages I’ve ever had! Thanks so much!”